Carnival-Fat Tuesday-MARDI GRAS!

Carnival-Fat Tuesday-MARDI GRAS!


Carnival-Fat Tuesday-MARDI GRAS!

Tomorrow starts the celebration. Mardi Gras, 2015. Although maybe a bit old to squeeze myself through the gin soaked streets of the French Quarter during carnival time, I can pass along a few of my favorite New Orleans haunts, that I urge you to visit – after the beads have been tossed:

  1. LAFITTE’S BLACKSMITH SHOP – Dirt floors and haunted by Pirates. Perfect.
  2. d.b.a. NEW ORLEANS – Maybe its the music. Maybe the bartenders who are plenty generous with the Templeton Rye. Maybe, maybe, maybe.
  3. ERIN ROSE – the theme is “local prices, local chaos, local love”. Check, check, check.


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