Golden Retriever for President

Golden Retriever for President


So, its becoming obvious Bush is running for President. Jeb, not George. Clinton, too. Hillary, not Bill. They may be joined by an assortment of others: Rand Paul (with that hair?), Mitt Romney (not again), Martin O’Malley (he buried Maryland in debt – might as well swing for the fences), just to name a few. What has become clear to me, however, is that a Golden Retriever needs to be elected President. Why you ask? Its simple:

– A President can’t do too much harm when napping
– Think of the money we will save on State dinners
– The annual White House Easter egg hunt becomes “must see TV”
– The State of the Union address will be particularly uplifting
– An administration focused on food and affection, two commodities in short supply

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