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Family law specialist David Bulitt has been praised as the lawyer who “epitomizes stability and old fashioned common sense” by Bethesda Magazine and routinely makes every top Washington DC Metro lawyer list. His clients say that he is “the best non-shaving, motorcycle-riding, bourbon-drinking, non-lawyer, lawyer” they know. His practice focuses on all areas of family law, including cases that involve complex financial and property matters and property distribution, divorce, and child custody disputes. An aspiring fiction writer, Bulitt spends his spare time working on his novels. His first book, CARD GAME, was published in 2015 and his novel BECAUSE I HAD TO in 2017. His most recent book, THE FIVE CORE CONVERSATIONS FOR COUPLES, was co-authored with his wife of 35 years, a family therapist in private practice and in house therapist for The Discovery Channel. The book, released on Valentines Day, 2020 has received multiple literary awards and reached best seller status on Amazon.


The first member of his family to get a professional degree, Bulitt spends his spare time writing and working on his books. His latest, THE 5 CORE CONVERSATIONS FOR COUPLES, is co-written with his wife of 35 years. Julie Bulitt is a family therapist and their book is filled with relationship insights, often from quite different perspectives. THE 5 CORE CONVERSATIONS FOR COUPLES was published by Skyhorse Publishing and Simon & Schuster ebooks on Valentines Day, 2020. An audio version produced by Dreamscape Media is also available.  David’s novels, CARD GAME and BECAUSE I HAD TO were published in 2015 and 2017 respectively.



David Bulitt focuses his practice on complex family law cases, zealously and thoughtfully representing clients through difficult times, including divorces, custody disputes and other contentious domestic conflicts. Clients regard David as an thoughtful strategist and skilled negotiator at the mediation table and as well as a staunch advocate in the courtroom. Although he has been involved in cases throughout the State of Maryland and in other jurisdictions as well, David most frequently litigates cases in the DC metropolitan area, including courtrooms in Montgomery, Howard, Frederick, Anne Arundel and Howard counties, as well as the District of Columbia. His clients most frequently are women, ages 40 to 70, with a complicated mix of assets, marital and non-marital. “My goal is to help clients reach favorable divorce settlements that protect their rights, their assets and their children,” as David put it. “There are some cases that need to be tried for one reason or another and I am fully prepared to advocate for my client in the courtroom if that is what the case calls for.”


Litigation is a process geared toward conflict. In a divorce case, that conflict involves not just the spouses, but often children and other family members as well. In many cases, litigation concludes after a lengthy period of time with a trial before a judge who will make decisions that will affect you and your family, in some instances for many years and even a lifetime.


Divorce ends a marriage but does not need to sever family ties or relationships, especially when children are involved. By preserving respect and encouraging cooperation, Collaborative family practice helps parents maintain relationships with each other and their children long after the divorce is over. David Bulitt is trained and certified in Collaborative Family Practice. He maintains a network of professionals who are familiar with the many sensitive issues that arise during the divorce process.

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