David Bulitt and his wife of 31 years, therapist Julie Bulitt, have accepted a literary contract with Julie Gwinn of The Seymour Agency, a literary firm based in New York. Author of two published fiction novels, CARD GAME (2015) and BECAUSE I HAD TO (2017), David teams with Julie to share their personal and professional experiences in
“SHOP TALK: 5 Core Conversations to Keep Your Relationship Off the Couch and Out of Court”.

What happens when a top divorce lawyer and a family therapist close the door and really talk? What’s on their minds? What makes them laugh, yell, and cry? Who gets the last word?

Married for 31 years, David and Julie Bulitt are that couple. He’s one of the premier DC Metro family law attorneys, having settled and litigated complex, high profile divorce and custody cases since 1986, is the published author of two well-received novels and a frequent guest on local television. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with more than 20 years of experience working with children, teens, and families and the founder of Live Sane, LLC, which has a special focus on dealing with AD/HD. She is also an in-house therapist at Discovery Channel.

Together, David and Julie have seen up close families struggling with life’s most difficult challenges, including addiction, infidelity, mental health diagnoses, learning disabilities, abuse, serious illness, estrangement, and trauma. At the same time, they have weathered their own challenges at home, raising four daughters, two biological and two adopted, and dealing with one child’s mental health and behavioral issues, including eventual addiction and running away.

What they’ve learned about saving a marriage, keeping a family together, or knowing when to call it quits, when to turn to professionals or when to try tough love, could fill a book — and it does. Shop Talk tackles every corner of relationships with the wisdom, knowledge, and best advice culled from David and Julie’s unique experiences. Drawn from notes of their discussions, chats, arguments — not always sober — and frank, funny stories, it openly tackles the basics from getting along, to parenting, communication, and sex, as well as hard-to-discuss issues like addiction, infertility, pornography, and family silence. Shop Talk takes you inside how these two professionals hash out some of life’s toughest personal challenges, revealing what they really think and say to each other.

Stay tuned on news and updates as Julie Gwinn and The Seymour Agency work to find SHOP TALK a publishing home!