David Bulitt interviewed by the Dating Advisory Board

The Dating Advisory Board’s Jen Hecht interviewed Joseph Greenwald & Laake principal attorney David Bulitt for an online video segment discussing how people can apply successful business techniques in their personal relationships. During the interview, David discusses the ins-and-outs of divorce law and some of the themes that he tends to see in his legal practice. David also discusses his second book, Because I Had To, published in January 2017.

The Dating Advisory Board is an online vlog hosted by Hecht that takes real-world business strategies from many industries to show how they can be used to create a dating strategy. The goal of the website is to empower women to approach their lives and the dating world with passion, clarity and conviction.

David Bulitt is a family lawyer, and JGL’s Assistant Managing Director. For years, David has been included amongst the DC area’s top divorce lawyers and is a published author.

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