In the last ten years, I have spent a lot of time, far too much some would say, sipping, mixing and talking about what has become my favorite spirit, American Bourbon. While there are a lot of bourbons out there, I like to think that there are more that I have tasted than those I have not.  Everyone needs a claim to fame, after all.

On a trip to Asbury Park, New Jersey earlier this summer, I fell in love.  No, not the Ashley Madison kind of love. Something different, deeper, more meaningful.  A relationship I know will last a lifetime.  My new girl, a woman for the ages, the Widow Jane. Dark and smooth, with a husky, Lauren Bacall way about her, the 8 year aged Widow Jane is the perfect bourbon to lean on late at night. A little chill in the air, nothing to hear but the crickets chirping. Spin a little Springsteen – I would go back maybe to the Wild and the Innocent record to get it all just right –  and sit back with couple fingers worth in a short glass. Don’t drink her fast, let the Widow linger a in your mouth a bit.  Trust me. You too will fall in love with the Widow.