Ben Franklin? Thomas Jefferson?  John Adams?  Big whoop.  The true American hero for an Independence Day celebration?  Joey Chestnut, the King of the Hot Dog, of course.  While the rest of us grab a cold beer, enjoy some fireworks or time on the beach, King Joey will be looking to earn a ninth consecutive title in the July 4 Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest on Coney Island.

And you think Joey just shows up to chow down on 60 plus dogs?  Not exactly.  “When I’m in training, I eat no solid food except hot dogs for six weeks,” Joey told a reporter recently.  In addition to the “dog only” diet, Joey does a few prep runs in which he knocks back as many as 70 hot dogs and buns.

Last year, Joey won his eighth straight title, consuming 61 hot dogs and buns. And, to keep him well rounded, Joey does not just stick to hot dogs.  He once ate nine pounds of turkey in ten minutes.  This year he expects, once again, to reign supreme, and win the $40k prize that goes to Nathan’s champ.

Imagine the fireworks after.