Writing CARD GAME was a ton of fun. Hard work, but I really enjoyed it.  My second book, BECAUSE I HAD TO, came a lot easier, despite its more complicated characters and contemporary story lines.  What I didn’t realize going in, however, was the amount of effort it would take to try to get CARD GAME out and to readers.  Between all the shameless social media self promotion, book store events, and emails to people who were kind enough to put their names on my mailing list, it really has become a part time job.  Thankfully, I don’t sleep much so after a full day in the divorce world, I usually spend my evenings pushing CARD GAME and writing my next story.

My favorite part of the process has unquestionably been the evenings that I have been able to spend with local book clubs and other groups, talking not only about CARD GAME and my own work, but also about what other books people are reading and enjoying.  The free beer and bourbon doesn’t hurt either.  I am looking forward to a few more book club events between now and the end of the year, while I hope to find a place in the market for “BECAUSE I HAD TO”.