A while back, I popped up a short post about my favorite TV lawyers. Having taken the week away from the divorce wars, I have been sipping a little bourbon at night, watching some TV and reminiscing about my days working at a bar of a different sort . If I had the chance, here are a few guys this barfly would happily buy a round from:
1. Al Swearengen, Deadwood – Hands down, the best TV bartender of all time. Every episode was filled with great “Al” lines, but I particularly liked:
“Don’t I yearn for the days when a draw across the throat made f—ing resolution.”
2. Woody Boyd, Cheers – Could have gone with Sam or even Coach here, but who couldn’t like this guy:
“Kelly, you mean everything in the world to me, and I want you to know that someday I’m going to give you back everything you’ve given up by marrying me.
3. Butchie, The Wire – Tough, blind, cool dude. When Omar asked him ”What you see, Butch?” the reply?
“Too damn much boy, too damn much.”