Olney divorce lawyer writes first novel

David Bulitt, 54, of Olney recently published his first book, “Card Game,” and is already deeply entrenched in a follow-up.

Bulitt, a divorce lawyer who practices in Rockville, said that after years of talking about writing a book, he finally got to work on it a couple of years ago.

Following endless rewrites and delays, the book is now available online and as an e-book.

“I am a lifetime resident of Montgomery County; I grew up roaming the streets of Silver Spring, Wheaton and Kensington when I was a kid,” Bulitt wrote in a news release. “For the last 28 years, I have been a divorce lawyer; it’s been my job to guide clients through what may be the most difficult, gut-wrenching process of their lives.”

But what happens when a divorce lawyer’s own life is upended by loss?

“Card Game” follows JB, a successful divorce lawyer whose best friend’s sudden death forces him to re-examine a lifetime of choices.

Bulitt called the book, which moves back and forth through time, “an homage to an era of prank phone calls and fake IDs, unsupervised boys’ nights out, and more than a fair share of head-shaking depravity.”

The story is sprinkled with tales from family law and includes a complex teenage character, Jess. Bulitt’s second novel, tentatively titled “Because I Had To,” also features Jess and JB.

Written from dual points of view, it shows JB plumbing the meaning of family amid wrecked families, while Jess struggles to find her biological parents.

Bulitt, who practices in Olney, expects to complete and release the second book next year.